Winter Fashion Trends

Winter is here, and so is the time to look into latest fashion happenings and trends that are setting the ramps on fire. Winter is all about dressing fashionably as well as comfortably. You need to keep yourself warm and look chic, both at the same time. Winter 2016-17 has seen some significant and unique fashion trends till now. They are bound to make you look very fashionable and also keep you cosy at the same time. We are talking about a wide range of clothing, headgear and shoes in this post and will be talking about the latest and most trendy fashion statements this winter.

elle-winter-trends-vivienne-westwood-puffer-gettyimages-513917350Puffer Coats

When Rihanna does it, it is sure to make it big in the fashion world. Puffer jackets are one of the hottest style trends of the season, and you will see this at every major fashion event. Puffer jackets are incredibly comfy and look very chic. You can go for a puffer jacket if you do not want to wear a big coat.

Platform Boots

1477797172222This trend is back with a major bang and will make any 90s fan euphoric. Platform boots are an excellent way to keep your feet cosy while remaining stylish. They are comfortable to wear and easy to walk in. The cheetah printed platform boots are a rage and a fashion item that you must not miss out.


Faux Fur Stoles

Taking a page from the Kardashian’s style diary, fur stoles are a major fashion trend this winter. You can wear them with anything. You can drape your faux fur stoles in different styles, diagonally, around the neck, or in any way you prefer and give any attire a very sophisticated and royal look.


You know what they are saying this season? Applique is the new black. Customise your jackets or coats by getting applique done on them. You can experiment with different patterns and patches and add a quirky and unique touch to your look. Applique is a celebrity and the runway favourite this season.

elle-winter-trends-balenciaga-ski-jacketgettyimages-514013510Ski jackets

Thought ski jackets were only for the poles as you ski? Well, not anymore. The ski jacket trend is all the rage this winter and was spotted at various runways this season. Wear ski jackets with formal or casual clothes to keep yourself warm and look stylish simultaneously.


Velvet is the hottest trend of this season. This trend needs a dedicated blog post. From trousers to handbags, velvet made the runways and the streets dazzle with its beautiful hues.


  1. This was helpful! I myself am loving the velvet trend this winter. Loved your blog and how engaging it is. Looking forward to reading many more. All the best!

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