YouTube Videos For Babies And Toddlers

We are living in an age where screens occupy most of our time. Wherever you turn your head, there is a TV, cell phone, laptop or a tablet right in front of you.

Gradually robotics and virtual reality will take over creativity, logical thinking and reasoning.

Keeping Generation Z away from screen time is quite a task. Like any other old-fashioned mum, I had vowed to myself to NEVER let my child in front of a TV or a tablet.

Time, of course, had other plans.

Watching songs on YouTube became a mandatory at mealtimes.

Gradually robotics and virtual reality will take over creativity, logical thinking and reasoning.

To my surprise, my boy learnt quite a bit from these videos we watched at every lunch and dinner.

Soon, he could count, knew the alphabets, shapes, colours, animal names and sounds.

He also learnt the nursery rhymes and many words from these educational shows and the songs he watched.

I discovered many edutainment channels on YouTube suitable for preschoolers that I am sharing here.


Ranked as the number one educational channel on YouTube (by both number of views and
subscribers, of all time,) Little Baby Bum, also known as LBB, is the most viewed UK channel of all time and 8th most viewed channel worldwide.

Little Baby Bum was created in London by Derek Holder and his wife to entertain children with both traditional nursery rhymes and their own original children’s songs with 3D animations. The channel is available in six additional languages.


Super Simple Songs is one of our favourite YouTube channels!

Created by educators in Tokyo, this channels creates simple but fun videos for its viewers.

Their award-winning educational materials and techniques are taught around the world and are available on their website and channel.

The videos are enjoyed by both parents and children and boast over 4 million subscribers on YouTube.


With over 1 million subscribers, Kids TV 123, produces entertaining and colourful animated educational videos for babies and toddlers. The website also allows you to download videos and audio for a small fee.


This channel creates 3D animated videos for the younger audience.

They emphasise on colours, shapes and numbers. Children tend to get bored with their similar looking videos. However, my little boy did chuckle a lot at a few videos.


What appeared boring to me was pretty entertaining for my 2 years old.

It is a fun channel with 3D videos and combines catchy melodies, colourful characters and repetition to teach the Global Kindergarten Curriculum.

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