Expressing Time: QLOCKTWO W Review

Somethings are just designed flawless. Like the award-winning QLOCKTWO wristwatch, by Biegert & Funk.

Aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound, QLOCKTWO has some extraordinary mechanism embedded in it.

The 35×35 mm stainless steel square dial consists of 110 letters statistically placed on the metal plate that lit up to show time.

This German made watch tells time in 19 different languages.

QLOCKTWO also shows the date and seconds. The words on the watch change every five minutes, four small dots under the letters give the exact minutes.

It is also sold as a wall or table clock.

The watch and clock are available at Cities store in Dubai Mall. Cities Design, Art & Lifestyle, houses local and international designers all under one roof. It started out as an artistic, exclusive lifestyle design products store in Riyadh and soon opened two branches in Dubai.

The welcoming staff and the modern vibe of the Cities store located in Dubai Mall were second to none.

So head on to Cities and indulge in some great designs.

Photos for Vogue Point by Ace Watches (@watchesace)

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