UAE is home to me. The more I learn about this country, the more it fascinates me.

It was November 2013. I was planning the 3rd issue of our magazine “PETIGREE.” Since it was the December issue, I wanted to add something related to the UAE National Day in the publication.

Stamps are a forgotten source, that depict a nation’s traditions and history.

I remember back when we were kids, and there was no internet or email, we communicated through letters other than the regular, not so fancy, telephone.

Stamps are a forgotten source, that depict a nation’s traditions and history. The stamps we used to use in the 80’s, always had a national animal or objects related to the culture of UAE.

I sat down and started my research on the stamps that UAE has produced and came across interesting finds.

I am putting the informative piece here. Hope you enjoy.

Published in the 3rd issue (Dec 2013 / Jan 2014) of PETIGREE Magazine by Chameleon Publishing LLC

The UAE was known as the Trucial States before independence. In 1968 the British Government, under the pressure of adverse economic conditions, announced the termination of all its treaties protecting the Trucial States and its intention to withdraw from the Gulf by the end of 1971.

Rupee and Riyal were widely used before the seven Emirates joined to form the United Arab Emirates. The currency then was named Dirham.

Stamps portray a country’s culture and tradition in a unique and artistic way.

Whether you are a stamp collector or an animal enthusiast, you will enjoy this selection of a few stamps from the UAE showing animals from butterflies to horses before 1975, after which a new design portraying the coat of arms was issued, and all later stamps were in this design.


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