New Year, Happy Lives

Every new year we keep new resolutions to better ourselves, our appearance or to achieve a goal we had shelved for the past many years. However, like every year most of us fail to keep up with the resolutions.



You can plan to set goals any time of the year, as long as there is determination, you cannot fail.

Talking about positive changes and betterment, there are a few communities and individuals who have been making a difference in others lives and helping them have a better day, if not year.

I felt that a great way to kick off the new year is to give a mention to a few of those individuals, communities and organisations who have been working hard to create happiness in people’s life all year round.

You too can help someone to fulfil their resolution this year by contributing to these few groups mentioned below.

As a small thank-you gesture, I have created a 2017 calendar that is available for you to download.

So keep making each year a better place for you and everyone around you.

HAPPY 2017!


Operation Smile

It is estimated that approximately 1 in 700 children worldwide is born with a cleft lip, cleft palate or both. Eating, speaking and smiling becomes a problem for children with cleft lip.
Operation smile with the help of donations and volunteers provides free surgeries around the world to help children born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities.

They hold regular events and a book sale every week at their organisation in Abu Dhabi.

You can bring a smile on the faces of many children by donating to Operation Smile or volunteering with them.




Middle East Animal Foundation

Middle East Animal Foundation is a government registered non-profit animal welfare foundation.

They work with various authorities and organisation to raise awareness and eradicate animal abuse, animal welfare and illegal trade of rare and cosmetic animals.

They have held and supported many adoption days to help home many cats and dogs her in the UAE.

MEAF works with volunteers and donations. To play an active part in animal wellbeing, you can get in touch with them and make the coming year a better place for many four-legged friends.


Make A Wish UAE

428093_328348193947304_678430039_nMake A Wish is a global organisation that gives children with life-threatening illnesses hope and strength by fulfilling their most treasured wish.

This small gesture makes the child and family forget their problems for a while and gives them strength to combat the obstacles in life.

To get involved with the organisation and enrich the lives of the children, you can donate and volunteer on the contacts mentioned on their page.



Dubai Mums Helping Hands

DMHH is a small Facebook group of individuals who want to make a change in peoples lives, especially the labour community. They do not take any financial donation and rely solely on the resources they receive.

You can get in touch with them on the Facebook group if you would like to volunteer or donate any goods to enrich the lives of those who work hard to make your life comfortable.








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