Blowin’ The Blues Away At Smoky Beach

My friends and I headed to the Smoky Beach at JBR for a relaxing evening with some shisha and light meals.

It was my first time at the Smoky Beach and considering how busy JBR usually gets in the evenings; I booked a Careem. There was a whiff of a cocktail of shisha flavours in the air, as I made my way towards this hookah lounge.

Moroccan tea, shisha, smoky beach, food, food blog, foodie, dubal
Photo By Lucia Dragan At Smoky Beach

Located right in front of the beach, this small shisha joint offers great cocktails, quick food and hookah for a chilled out day with family or friends.

The place suited our loud bunch perfectly. The vibe was great, and the music fun.

We ordered a “special” pineapple juice, Moroccan tea, some cakes, a salad and sandwich.

My hookah addict friend had ordered a “cinnamon gum” flavour. I don’t enjoy shisha anymore as I mostly end up irritating my throat. The aroma, however, lured me and I couldn’t help but have a few puffs. The shisha was very smooth and had a minty flavour. I am not a fan of cinnamon, but I hardly smelled or tasted any. The few puffs turned into me almost taking over her hookah.

I finally returned the shisha to my friend when my red velvet cake and Moroccan tea arrived. I have got a sweet tooth, and am very critical when it comes to desserts. The cake was a delectable piece of heaven that melted in the mouth on that first bite. I was full, thanks to the heavy afternoon meal that I had, yet I munched down the entire piece of my red velvet cake.


My friend enjoyed her Quinoa salad. It looked pretty filling. The small piece of sandwich that I tried was moist and tasted quite good too. Their servings are decent and can be easily shared.

They serve their “special” pineapple and watermelon juices in the fruit itself. It added quite an amusement at our table.


The Morrocan tea, however, didn’t impress me much. It might have been because my tea felt cold to the chilly weather. The chocolate cake that my friend had ordered didn’t beat the red velvet and its flavours.

I could see the eatery had placed colourful beanbags on the sand near the beach which gave the place more character.

It was time to go back. Soon, beautiful fireworks took over JBR. The lovely bursts of colours mesmerised me, and I froze in place, forgetting that my CAREEM captain had arrived.

So head over to Smoky Beach on a winter evening with your friends, order a shisha and some mocktails, don’t forget the red velvet cake, and chat the night away.

Moroccan tea, shisha, smoky beach, food, food blog, foodie, dubal
Photo By Lucia Dragan At Smoky Beach

Title image by Lucia Dragan – Floor manager at Smoky Beach

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