BLONDME By Schwarzkopf

I was invited to the event “Carnival Beauty – Trends 2017“ by Carnival Health Spa, featuring the German hair care brand Schwarzkopf, this week.

The event was to demonstrate and educate us about the bespoke Schwarzkopf’s product line “BLONDME.”

The hair care brand Schwarzkopf dates back to 1903 when Hans Schwarzkopf created the first powder shampoo.

In a short span of time, the hair cosmetic brand gained a lot of popularity due to the quality of the products and credibility of the company. Slowly the products range grew and established itself as one of the leading hair cosmetics company in the world.

Schwarzkopf.jpgBLONDME another Schwarzkopf creation has gained a lot of popularity due to its dedication towards blonde hair, the results and colour maintenance.

I met many fellow bloggers at the event and was also introduced to the experts and staff of Carnival Health Spa.

Alfred Schubert, the owner of the spa, showed us around. He was one funny guy who made sure we all were well looked after. The spa is a reflection of his personality, warm and welcoming. It has various services catering to both, men and women.


Baker’s Kitchen arranged the light refreshments and their award winning chef Heike personally served the guests. I shall be soon reviewing their eatery, so keep a watch on the food section of the blog.

Schwarzkopf‘s trainer Emilia Lucka explained the application technology and answered many questions that we had.

She showed how BLONDME adds lustre to lifeless hair. The demonstration was done on two models, one with naturally blonde hair and one with dark hair. The results were stunning and bright.

The hair colour is applied after the protector that shields the hair from harmful chemicals. BLONDME gives the hair a diamond-like clarity and even tone.

It is completely odourless and does not damage the hair like other colourants.

There are individual products in this line that keep the hair feeling great, give shine and make the colour last.

In the end, we were all given the goodies to try at home. Even though the line of products is called BLONDME, we were told that we could use them on dark hair. I shall soon review, after trying it out.


I would like to congratulate Classy Dubai, Carnival Health Spa, Baker’s Kitchen and Schwarzkopf for holding a successful event and would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to learn more about their services.

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