Arabic And Western Winter Wedding Trends

Weddings and winters are synonymous to each other. Be it Asian weddings, Arabic or Western, November to March are very busy months for not only the wedding planners but the designers too.

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Enaje Couture by Phio Enaje for Roxx

I was requested by a reader to shed some light on the winter wedding fashion. What is it that brides and guests should wear that looks beautiful and appropriate for the weather? I decided to interview a few designers to get a better perception of the latest seasonal bridal trends. I have distributed this topic into two posts, one featuring Arab and Western designs while one focusing on the Asian bridals.

Talking about Arab and Western bridal designs, Phio Enaje, head designer for Roxx said, “There’s not a lot of difference between Western and Arab fashion when it comes to couture dresses. The trend nowadays is for dresses with wide skirts and embellishments or embroidery all over. Bling is back, but it is done in a subtle way unlike a few years ago when crystals were all over the dress. Since it is winter season, mid to dark hues are an excellent choice.”

Evaya by Aya AlJawhary, winter, wedding, fashion, trend, style, 2017, winter wedding
Evaya by Aya AlJawhary

According to Aya Al Jawhari, “There is a lot of bold colours and glitter in trend nowadays. The emphasis is on corseted silhouette, faux fur and deep colours.”


“Most of the brides who come to us do not want to compromise the style of their gown due to the season. Unless it is an exclusively outdoor wedding theme.” said, Sapna Sharon, an Abu-Dhabi based designer of Reisha’s Boutique. “Brides love the idea of faux fur stoles or wraps. Leather jackets and Bolero are also some of the seasonal demands with high neck and full sleeves,” she elaborated.

Bridal dress by Sapna Sharon – Reisha’s Boutique

Every bride wants to look beautiful. It’s the dress which adds an extra hint of glamour and completes her. Selecting a wedding dress is an ordeal for a woman. Once that is done, everything else falls into place.

Fabric gives the dress its look, and that is what our designers work around to give the bride the image she has always envisaged.

“I use different kinds of bridal satins, raw silk and laces for this season,” stated Phio. “For a country that has a heavy winter season, I suggest the use of velvet and fur. Fur can be added as a trim on the neckline or maybe as a short or long cape to cover the shoulders and back.”

Sapna replied, “Most of the styles in trend these days are tulle, laces, taffeta and silk. We design gowns for the brides by playing with the lining to keep them warm. The original layer remains the same as chosen by the bride. We dress up our bride by giving her a very stylish look with wraps, leather jackets and bolero. We make sure that the cover-up goes well with the actual gown.”

“Some bridal gowns are also styled like jumpsuits with wrap around skirts attached. After all, every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day.” She said.


Weddings is a time when everyone invited hunts for something that would make them stand out of the crowd. Family and friends all set out on a quest for the perfect dress that they can look their best in.

On inquiring about couture winter dresses, Aya replied, ” If you are considering a gown or a skirt, winter weddings are the perfect time for full skirts. Go for a heavier variety of lace, which will keep you warmer than a more delicate type. Layering and faux fur are in vogue this season.”

“I would either suggest a nice evening jacket or cape to match with the dress. This will give a stunning look at parties in the winter,” said Phio.

Sapna advised, “Never overdress to keep yourself warm. It is an important rule to remember while dressing up in winter for an event. Avoid fabrics that look bulky on you and dresses that have lots of layering which makes it difficult to move around.”

Bridal dress by Sapna Sharon – Reisha’s Boutique

“I suggest all my customers never to follow a style that you see in a magazine or runway, as every woman has a different body proportion. So it is always advisable to meet a designer and find out your style or try out different dresses that suit your body shape.” She said.

“If you are someone who is interested in wearing a short dress, the option would be to wear it with fleece leggings and a pair of leather boots. If you are selecting a gown, try to wear the one with full sleeves. Always go for fabrics like taffeta, silk, brocades, velvet to name a few that can keep you warm yet not make you bulky. Style it with a cover up, and you are ready to go.” Sapna further explained.


I would like to thank all the designers who took out time to respond to the questions and help us understand what winter bridal fashion is all about. So if you are looking for a bridal or a couture dress, you know where to go. The details of the designers are mentioned below:

  • Phio Enaje is working as the Head Designer for Roxx in UAE. He designs couture and bridal dresses. He handles the Roxx Grandeur, the brand for prèt a couture and for made to measure couture pieces. Their atelier is located along Corniche Road in Ajman. For bookings:
  • Evaya is a fashion brand that represents style and quality in essence of simplicity. Founded by the fashion designer Aya AlJawhary, in 2015, Evaya designs are exclusive and comfortable. All design updates are available on Instagram. For bookings:
  • Sapna Sharon is a self-made entrepreneur and designer of Reisha’s Boutique, Abu Dhabi. Their motto is to “bring out the princess” in their clients. Sapna Sharon designs bridal and evening wear. Her bride is someone who is independent, strong willed and the determined lady who knows what she wants for her big day. For bookings:


  1. April to September are the popular months to get married here in the UK, I guess as its (slightly) warmer then than it is during the Winter months 😄. There are some really pretty dresses in your pics, I particularly like the fishtail one.

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