Unusual Food Items At The Global Village

Global Village Dubai brings together people and specialities from all over the world.

Six months of the year, you get to experience the traditions, appreciate the talents and buy the products from different countries.

Last week, my sister and I, headed to the Global Village for some of the most unusual food finds!

As soon as we entered, we came across the “Rose Cold” ice cream stall. The talented staff, creatively crafts a rose, out of the ice cream flavours you select.


A little further down the same lane, we discovered “Takoyaki,” a Japanese snack that is shaped like a ball. Takoyaki is cooked in a round moulded pan with wheat flour batter. They are filled with chicken, fish or octopus and served with a sauce. The light and delicious snack is definitely something worth trying.


We moved on and found “Wheyts Protein Ice Cream.” With a couple of delicious flavours, the ice cream is available in various outlets around UAE and will bring joy to all health conscious people with a sweet tooth.

Talking about ice cream, how can one resist the fried ice cream served in the Americas pavilion?

After watching many viral videos of cream being tossed and scraped off a frozen plate, it was something we had to try. They also had the cotton candy shaped like a flower but unfortunately weren’t serving it.

Global Village has something to cater to every budget, taste and liking. It is a cultural festival with food and drinks ranging from karak chai and samosa to unique food stalls and proper restaurants serving their traditional specialities.

Have you ever heard of a pizza cone? Well, if not then you need to go to Global Village and try it!

It’s a pizza that is baked in the shape of a cone. With various flavours and unique shape, this is definitely a must try while you shop.


While passing by the Syrian pavilion, we bought their cultural tamarind drink. The drink is sold on the streets in Syria and has many antibacterial and medicinal properties. It was a very refreshing and energising juice that was much needed in the weather.

In the end, we set out on a hunt for the Japanese dessert kiosk that sells cotton candy wrapped around ice cream!

“Yuki No Hana” was not very difficult to spot. Serving different types of ice cream, this Japanese dessert kiosk is being featured all over social media.

So if you are a confused soul and can’t decide whether you want a candy floss or an ice cream, you can opt to get both!

This unique food stall puts in a lot of effort into its creations and the result is both pleasing to the eyes and taste buds.

I have to admit that this food item was a bit difficult to eat while walking around, so you better be seated to enjoy the little piece of art!

Since we were feeling pretty full to try another speciality, we decided to finally explore the pavilions and see what they had to offer.

Global Village is almost near end. If you haven’t been there yet, do go to see the various cultures and taste the different cuisines of the world and let us know how your experience was.


  1. This looks like such an amazing experience, thank you so much for sharing. Definitely on my list the next time i’m in town!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You had me at rose cold. I have seen those icecreams everywhere and I am obsessed with the idea. So creative and it looks delicious too.


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