Doors Freestyle Grill

Opening the Doors to your heart with mouthwatering dishes

From interiors glistening with gold tones to the theatrical display of food, Doors, has proved George Bernard Shaw’s quote “There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” true.

Nestled in the heart of old Dubai, Doors Freestyle Grill has already become a favourite joint for meat lovers.

Fusing both tradition and modernity, Al Seef Dubai, on the Creek, is an upcoming destination that houses many upscale restaurants like Doors.

This Turkish fusion eatery reflects the passion and dedication of its staff towards the food and experience they serve.

We decided to dine first and then take a look around the tastefully done restaurant. We were welcomed by the very friendly staff and seated outside the main entrance overlooking the creek.

The restaurant has six areas, from the VIP room, the hookah bar to Al Fresco seating, each area creates a different ambience for the guests.

We ordered the mocktails while the food arrived. I was in the mood for something refreshing and therefore picked the Cucumber Lychee Cooler while my friend opted for the Blurred Habitea – both a visual treat!

The Cucumber Lychee Cooler, with the embossed cucumber, tasted as good as it looked. The healthy Blurred Habitea had a very profound hibiscus tea taste and was garnished with edible flowers to add a bit of freshness to a dull day.

Their delicious mocktail concoctions are created in the gorgeous bar that is the highlight of the restaurant.

We started off our dining adventure with the Eggplant Salad and the Pomegranate Salad. Salad, usually for everyone, means some greens tossed in with a flavourful dressing but at Doors, everything is really thought out and planned.

The Pomegranate Salad was a combination of 10 flavours with edible flowers tossed in as well. The goat cheese and honey added to its flavour taking a small dish of salad to another level.

I love eggplant, and was actually looking forward to the salad, which according to our server, goes extremely well with lamb. The eggplant salad is prepared by roasting the eggplant on charcoal for over four hours. The charcoal-infused eggplant taste was so good that it actually made me wonder, if these are the appetisers then the mains had to be the one and a half hours drive worth… well I was in for a treat!

Then came a trolley with a big piece of beef tenderloin meat that the server cut into steaks. Once we were ready out came a giant beef bone that stood on the hot plate. Our host drizzled hot citrus flavoured butter on the bone to further enhance the taste with the marrow. The steaks were cooked in that oil in front of us, then covered with the bread that absorbed the essence and presented in rolled up pieces. The melt in the mouth beef steak was the juiciest meat I have ever had. To be honest I was quite full with just two pieces but we had one more item to eat – the Lamb Tenderloin.

The lamb they offer comes from their own farm, hence they keep a check on the quality of meat that comes to your plate. Usually, restaurants serve just the ribs or the shoulder of the lamb whereas Doors uses the entire lamb for its menu.

The lamb was marinated and cooked before arriving at the trolley then finished off with a blow torch in front of us. The tradition is that the first bite is to be eaten from the host’s hand so we took a big bite of the spiced, mouth-watering and tender lamb meat mixed with the eggplant salad from our servers hand, we were then left to enjoy the rest of the meal.

It was now time for some dessert! I have a major sweet tooth and the entire experience had left me anticipating for something dramatic. Well, I wasn’t wrong! A tray of some fresh fruits and desserts arrived at our table. The Freestyle Creme Brulee was torched and garnished in front of us and the dry ice added a bit of magic to the entire presentation. The speciality of the desserts is that they don’t add sugar to anything. It’s sweetened with natural honey which balances the flavours very well. The Gullac is sweetened with rose water and has a combination of camel, goat and cows milk. It is light and fluffy while the creme brulee was just heavenly.

Before making a move we went around to see the place and its rare to see a restaurant giving its restrooms as much attention as it gives to its customers. Sorry, but I had to take a picture! They were Versace designed!

The furniture is also solely designed for the restaurant from Spain. Every corner of the establishment has been conceived very well. We will definitely be going back and shall try the exclusive shisha blends next time as well.

So if you are looking for a little bit of a show and food with a burst of flavour just head over to Doors Freestyle Grill and get fascinated.

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