Top 5 French Toasts in Abu Dhabi

Our weekend mornings are usually spent hunting for new places to have breakfast at.

Even though I have a major sweet tooth, in fact, several of them; I prefer something savoury to start the day with. On the other hand, my son needs his pancakes and French toasts for breakfast.

I personally prefer French toast over pancakes and waffles anytime, and for me, it’s a dessert that can be had whenever. Why limit it to breakfast only?

After tasting and enjoying many French toasts around UAE, I had an idea to hunt for the best in Abu Dhabi and compile a list.

It took almost a year but after lots of failed and successful tastings, I managed to finally jot down a list.

So here it goes…

Honourable Mention:

Shay Madhboot – Shay Madhboot French Toast (Priced 33 AED)

We discovered Shay Madhboot online and thought of trying out their breakfast.

The price was definitely pretty good and so was the texture, however, the plating was nothing special and the toast was very heavily sweetened in the centre with cinnamon and maple syrup.

Top 5 French toasts in Abu Dhabi:

5. Notes Cafe – French Toast (Priced 48 AED)

The french toast was quite flavorous but also very rich and filling.

We could taste pretty much every ingredient. The texture was smooth. Thick on the outside with a soft cinnamon centre. However, the toast was overcooked, almost burnt, which made some parts of it tough and bitter. It was completely soaked in maple syrup which made it very heavy.

The charcoal infused cream and syrup along with the presentation made it the most Instagrammable French Toast from the list!

4. Joud Cafe – Whipped Berry French Toast (Priced 50 AED)

10/10 for the presentation! It was beautiful to look at. It was plated very well and came with extra syrup and strawberry spread on the side.

The toast was not too sweet and was not drenched in syrup which made it lighter on the stomach.

The crust, however, was tough. It seemed overcooked. The texture was crumbly and dry. The toast did not have that sweet custard or egg taste that a French Toast should.

3. Shabby Chic Cafe – Pain Perdu (Priced 24 AED)

On number 3 we have the Pain Perdu, as the French call it, by Shabby Chic Cafe.

Served with maple syrup, this dish was soft and delectable.

No hard edges or uneven flavour, the cafe sure knows how to perfect the Pain Perdu!

2. Berri’s Cafe – French Toast (Priced 45 AED)

A very close competitor for the number 1 slot was Berri’s Cafe’s French Toast.

From presentation to taste everything was absolutely remarkable.

It was soft, flavourful, well balanced and creamy. The vanilla custard at the bottom tasted absolutely divine.

It was rightly listed as a dessert as it can be a served during breakfast or can be the perfect end to a delicious meal.

This is one French Toast we will be going back for again and again.

So, this leads us to the best French Toast in Abu Dhabi. The drum roll, please!

1. La Brioche – Classic French Toast (Priced 47.25 AED)

What can be better than the brioche bread soaked in egg and cream mixture and baked to perfection?

La brioche is known for its breakfast and we couldn’t have agreed more.

Their French Toast is classic, it’s fluffy and is the right amount of sweet making it the best breakfast choice. Just add some fresh sliced fruits, a little cream and a drizzle of maple syrup and indulge!

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