About Me

Hello Everyone,

I am Sanober, and I will be sharing with you a bit of my life and knowledge through this little space that I have created.

I was born and brought up in the UAE and have spent almost all of my life appreciating what this country has to offer.

I started writing for high-end lifestyle magazines in 2002. My professional profile includes working as an editor at a leading publishing house and as a publicist for a music artist. Later on, as life progressed, I launched a publishing company here, in the UAE.

I have recently started a print, and digital lifestyle magazine called GLOSS, which is available on http://www.glossmag.net, for you to enjoy.

Though I had been contemplating on the idea of a blog for quite some time, bringing myself to commit to one took a lot of convincing (thanks to me being a Taurean, a star that dislikes coming out of the shell and changes of any sorts!)

I believe in a good cup of karak chai from the cafeteria, comfortable shoes, kindness and long drives with the GPS on!

I love the process of researching, interviewing interesting people, writing, sourcing articles, editing and then designing a magazine. I hope this blog gives me the same joy and excitement.

So drop me a line. I would love to chat with you. If you too like cats, eating out, board games, online shopping, and caramel, then we will get along just fine.